How Do Pillow Top and Memory Foam Mattresses Compare?

How Do Pillow Top and Memory Foam Mattresses Compare?

If you are planning to buy Mattresses and Pillows of same quality then you need to make up your mind because they both might not able to give you same comfort. There are indeed many aspects you need to look at before making the purchase. Instead of comparing both Pillows and Mattresses, it wise that to focus more on the Mattresses, which will serve the same purpose for the Pillow as well. If you are comfortable with the Mattresses then ultimately the same quality of pillow would be ideal for you as well.

How Do Pillow Top and Memory Foam Mattresses Compare?

Memory Foam Mattress PROS

  • The price does matter when you are making the purchase of the Mattresses if you are planning to buy it then the price is low in MFM.
  • When we compare other material then no other mattress can relieve the pressure like MFM does.
  • In most of the comfy and soft beds, you can find this issue that when your partner moves you will find yourself bouncing and jiggle. Which is not going happen in this case.
  • Maintenance is something you should worry but in this case, mites can only live on the surface, not beneath it.

Memory Foam Mattress CONS

  • Ok, now we have said that the price is low when compared to other. The prices differ from brands to quality. The same method applies to other materials as well.
  • When you are using the mattress for longer then it tends to sink into the shape because it usually takes more time to come back to its original state. Excess use only leads to permanent sink in the spot where you sleep.
  • Many brands are now using the traditional materials, which may end up you being covered in sweat. The bed relies on your body heat and you may end up in a sweaty mess.
  • Since many brands are now producing and selling in the market do not know that the new mattress may have an unpleasant smell.

Memory Foam Pillows:

If you are planning to use both Mattress and Pillows then both of them distribute even weight and you can feel the firmness without any hassle. When you are using the MFM material as your primary bed then they come in two different types which you should be aware of and you should know about or else you may end up buying an uncomfortable version of it.

Types Of Mattress:

There are two types of the Mattress, High and Low quality. Ensure that you are taking the high-quality of the mattress and Pillows.

Open Cell Foam: The best way to keep yourself cool during sleep is to purchase the Open Cell Foam which will ensure that you will not wake up sweat mess.

Closed Cell Form: The closed cell foam will trap the heat inside of it and you may feel uncomfortable and then wake up in the middle of the sleep in a sweaty mess.


The bottom line is that to buy an MFM which is not only High-quality but also make sure to ask the which type of product is selling to you. We would like to hear from you and let us know what suggestions you have for the newbie’s in the comment section below.

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The space is on the second floor and the room has its own bathroom. It also has some additional space so we can use that space for a meeting room to kick around ideas. It did, however, take us a few years to find the time to build everything exactly as we wanted it.

The first step we did was to carefully measure everything and lay out the proposed floor plan on paper. We then placed masking tape on the actual floor to outline where everything would go. This was to make sure it would all fit together. At the masking tape point, it is easy to make adjustments. Once you get the furniture built, changes and errors become costly.

The floor plan we used is above and although it appears complex, it can be built using a minimal amount of power tools. The tools that were used were a circular saw, a saber saw, a table saw, a miter saw, a pneumatic nailer, a drill, several power sanders and a laminate router. The rest of the tools used were hand tools.

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About Attics

What about the squirrel nest, you ask?
The picture to the right is of a nest of a squirrel family who was not paying rent so I evicted them after I bought this house.

Actually, they moved out for the summer because it got too hot. So, during the rehab of this house, we closed their access hole and covered it with a ” heavy duty wire mesh stapled with ” staples. (Squirrels will rip standard window screen out and eat through vinyl.)

We then cleaned out this nest. Squirrels add to their nest every season, so they must have lived in there for several years.It is also a place we expect to be safe to run the electrical wiring. Just remember, squirrels love to eat the PVC in wiring.

What about carpet on the floor you ask?

We bought a house that had carpet on the attic floor. There was a door from the second floor that lead right into it. The first time I went in there, I walked over to the light that was on a pull string about 10 feet from the door. As I was walking across the floor, there was this strange sensation that the floor moved as I walked.

After I turned on the light, I realized the previous owner had taken carpet and placed it on top of the insulation. NO SUPPORT AT ALL. I could have fallen through very easily and can you believe it, they were even storing stuff out there!

In this section, we will be discussing:

Fans: Fans have positive points and negative points.
The positive points are that the temperature and moisture can be controlled if the fan is on a thermostat.The negative points are that if the outside humidity is high, the fan will operate and bring MORE moisture. When the outside temperature drops at night the excess moisture can condense and add to the moisture problem.

Insulation: The proper insulation is mandatory if you want to save energy. Without a doubt, this is the most important item.There should be a vapor barrier facing the occupied space. Older homes and ones with fiberglass bats usually have this. Newer homes with blown in insulation do not have this vapor barrier. The vapor barrier is very important.

Ventilation: Temperature and moisture control are the two major reasons you must control ventilation. Very few houses today have the correct amount of ventilation. I think the perfect ventilation would be the way houses in the islands are built or the way the Seminole Indians build theirs.
Is this practical for all homes? Of course not. The vast majority of us do not live in the islands or the Everglades.

Besides, we have become way too acclimated to air conditioning. That invention is what allowed Florida and the Southwest to experience a population boom. Today’s insulation is needed to keep our electrical consumption down.

Stairs: If you have enough room to stand up, you should consider installing a set of stairs to make the entrance easier and safer. Stairs are easy to install and usually can be completed in a day. Your safety is also very much improved.
We will go into further detail on each topic.

Should you have any questions or if there is a subject you would like more information on or have questions,

please let us know through our Contact Uspage.

Fans – Use or Not to Use! The latest poll is attic fans are not needed. Do you agreed?

Insulation:-  Attic insulation controls the environment inside the home year round so we are more comfortable.

Stairs:- If you are installing a new set of attic stairs or replacing an existing set, read this before shopping!

Ventilation:-  If you are installing a new set of attic stairs or replacing an existing set, read this before shopping!

Our Attic Door How we insulated it to keep the heat in and the cold out.